Friday, 8 November 2013

Should we talk about Christmas?

Lets talk about Christmas.

I know there's big stigma in talking about Christmas & the festive season too early. I have to admit, I've done much talking against it myself.  The age-old question, when does one put up the tree and the decorations? When shall I start purchasing gifts? When do I send out the cards?

Which brings me to: When, as a store owner, is it ok to start selling 'Christmas stamped' items?

Fully aware that I may need to shield myself against the onslaught of 'nay'ers, I believe the time has come. Not too late, not too early... November is the time.

The time to buy pretty accessories to give as gifts.
The time to find those cute little earrings you just have to wear to Christmas lunch.
The time to buy some beautiful wrapping and gift cards to wrap those equally gorgeous gifts.

The time has come, my lovelies. Christmas is here.

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